2DS and 3DS Cartridge Replacement

April 12, 2014

2DS and 3DS Cartridge Replacement

  1. 2DS and 3DS Cartridge Replacement

    Hey Guys! I have a 2ds that the game cartridge reader needs to be relpaced. Before I order one can someone verify that the 2ds and 3ds cartridge slots are the same or does someone know where I could get one for the 2ds?

  2. Instead of trying to do that repair yourself, I would contact Nintendo Support and have them fix it. It should still be covered under warranty since no unit has been out for a year yet.

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  3. I already to sent it to them once and they had a local contractor fix it! Im not paying them another $60 for them to try to fix it again! Nintendo CS was pretty rude about it when I told them it still wasn’t working right! I will just fix it myself I just wanted to be sure that that the cartridge slots were the same!

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