a few problems when loading/exiting games

December 27, 2013

About my current set up: I am storing my WBFS files on a NTFS partition on a 3 tb Seagate drive. The loader I am using is USB Loader GX.

So far my experience has been generally good . On the whole, things are working as they should.

But there are three problem I’ve run into:

1) Is there is any way to return to the USB Loader GX menu from a game instead of to the Wii Menu? When I press the “home” button the only option I see is to go back to the Wii Menu.

2) With some games, when I choose to go back to the Wii Menu, the screen goes black and I see grey “Wi” logos and after that I am back at the Wii menu. With other games, my system seems to “crash.” I get a black screen and a “no signal message.” I have not been able to find a way to get my system going again except by completely restarting the console. Anyone know what could be causing the “no signal” message when exiting certain games and if there is some way to fix it so my system returns to the Wii Menu instead of crashing?

3) A few of my games simply won’t load for some reason. Using USB Loader GX to try and load them just results in a black screen. Everything stops and I have to force-restart my Wii console. This does not seem to be a GX specific problem. I tried to load the games using Configurable USB loader and it also could not load them. It gives me the following message: “IOS reload: Blocked. Error: memory overlap!”

Would appreciate some guidance if anyone has dealt with these problems before and found a way to fix them. Thanks.

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