bricked wii about 2 yrs ago, funny issue now.

January 13, 2014

Hi everyone. About two years ago i bricked an old wii i had and put it away into storage. I dont remember what happened/ how i bricked it , it was a long time ago.

Anyways, i recently learned and recovered a different wii via infectus, so i wanted to fix this one. To my surprise, i hook it up, load up savemiifrii to check the version, couldnt find my brawl disc, so i reseted the wii , and it goes into system menu correctly. v3.2(U), virgen by the look of things. I know, wtf.

The problem i have is that the wiimote doesnt respond, sensitivity wise. It does sync and respond to + and – and i can scroll pages on the wii menu but thats it.

I read on gbatemp that it could be that settings.txt is corrupted or something, but gbatemp has been down for days, so i cant find that specific post, the link for the working settings.txt was down too.

Any help guys, how can i extract a settings.txt file from another wii and would that work? i remember something about putting it on the root of the sdcard, and the wii would load it up, but im not sure. Or if someone has another fix, lemme know please? thank you.

BTW, i couldnt find my brawl disc, so loading an exploit via disc is out of the question in my situation.

I made this same thread in the hack section, before putting it here, wasnt sure it there/here was the right place.

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