Cannot Delete Game from USB Loader GX

February 19, 2014

I’ve been using my modded Wii for quite a fee years without any major issues thanks to info on this site. I just recently ran into a problem I cannot resolve. I downloaded a game from a DVD onto my HDD via USB Loader GX. It turns out the disc was bad and the download did not complete (it got to 95% and then said complete). I did confirm the disc was bad by trying to load the game straight from the disc.

Here’s my dilemma. I cannot delete the bad download from USB Loader GX. When I select the game in the loader, the Wii just freezes. I cannot get to the Setup menu to delete the game. Anyone have any ideas?

My drive is set up with a WBFS partition. I never got around to converting it to FAT (not high on the priority list/I also need to swap out to a larger HDD as well at some point). Can I just use a WBFS manager and delete the game off that way?


– Merg

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