Cannot run letterbomb on a previously Softmodded Wii

August 12, 2014

Hi, I softmodded my wii many many months (probably years) ago and its been running fine. I came home tonight to find out my wife has applied the official update as she wanted to install Netflix via the shopping channel. Thought I had configured it to block updates but obviously not :-(

Anyway, the homebrew channel was upside down and I couldn’t select anything as the remote would not pair. I have tried using Letterbomb again but I am unable to continue passed the screen asking you to press button number 1. I have tried 2 different wiimotes (both are original remotes not the motionplus ones).

I have run a reformat to try and clear out the old channels but the same problem occurs with Letterbomb.

Wii is now running 4.3E, I have a nand backup but I could not install bootmii into boot2 as the wii has a newer model.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could try next?

Many thanks

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