Can`t access Wii home menu

February 18, 2014


I`m sorry if there is a thread for this already, but I have searched for it and I can`t find anything about it anywhere.

It`s been a while since I did this so I don`t actually remember much of it.

I have softmodded my wii. (I think it was with the softmod Any Wii-tutorial.) And I have installed the Configurable USB loader (cfg) and i have installed the forwarder channel(??) so whenever I start my Wii I go straight to the cfg. Everything is working as it should be ( I think ), except that I cannot get in to the wii home meny. When I try to exit the cfg I end up at the homebrew channel, and when I exit the HBC I end up at the cfg.

I tried to softmod my wii again with the tutorial, but I can`t find a way to do it.

If I try the method with the bannerbomb 2 I only end up at the cfg, and it says It cannot find the USB (since I removed it).

I can access the HBC so I tried the method “Softmods with HOMEBREW CHANNEL installed”. I can go in to the wiimod, and install IOS58 and IOS61, but when it says “select hackmii_installer_v1.0” it does not show in m HBC.

I am kind of stuck here, so I hope someone can help me

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