Cios installed in slot:255 and 253. Is that not ok? Help!

January 14, 2014

I was following a guide, I got the homebrew channel installed. I then followed these steps:

‘Time to install the cIOSsYou are now on the main configuration screen. A lot of options will be available here.
Your cursor will be on the cIOS D2X Version. Use the D-Pad to change it to the newest version (all the way to the right).
Move down, and change the IOS Base to 56
Move down again, and change the IOS slot to your preferred slot. Most people use slot 249.(then install it!)
Next, you want to configure the second cIOS. This time, use base 57, and choose a different slot (250 in this tutorial)’

Only when I tried to install to 249 and 250, it gave me warnings that something would over-write (unfortunately I don’t remember the exact message) in that slot. It was a UK pre-owned Wii sys update: 4.3E but it wasn’t already hacked (there was no homebrew channel before I got it). So anyhow I used slot 255 (for 1st),then 253 (for 2nd).

1) Problem: I read with some loaders you need to have the cios installed in certain slots (like 249 and 250). Will this cause me any problems? Should I go back and re-install it to 249 and 250 and ignore the warning messages it gave me?

2) I tried to put the wii game file on my 16GB sandisk cruzer blade FAT32 usb flash device, it said the file was too big. I know FAT can only accept files 4GB or smaller, but if I convert the 8GB iso to WBFS, roughly how big will the new wbfs be? What I’m trying to ask is, will there be some wii games that are bigger than 4GB even when converted to wbfs? In which case I should just format to NTFS. Thanks

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