Confused over how to Update Wii

February 21, 2014

OK.. so im fairly new to Wii modding/hacking…
a year or so ago a mate helped me mod my wii so that i could play backup copies of games using Neogamma R8.

This has worked fine, and indeed is stil working find today, however my wife just got Just dance 2014, and everytime she goes to play it she gets an Error 002, which i have googled and suggests some of the ISO is out of date?

As part of the mod, we installed preloder? and set it to block any updates – as im told that it will screw up my wii if i do (I have SM4.2E apparently..)

I have downloaded pimp_my_wii, (just the 380kb file) and tried a ‘test and fix’ but it got to about the 3rd item and gave me a black dump screen, but everything came back ok after rebooting the Wii

I have done a syscheck – below – and could really do with some advice on how to do a suitable system update so my wife can play more recent games without an erro 002…

Cheers for any help!

Humm.. ok so i found…d-any-wii.html – so lets see if that help explain it to me

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