March 6, 2012

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Some notes about the video: there’s a two minute playtime counter in the current code that reboots to the launcher when it expires, hence the abrupt cut-offs. I added it after realizing I’d spent half an afternoon “testing” mario kart instead of actually doing work, I left it active to keep the youtube video length down. Unfortunately this meant there was not much gameplay recorded… but at least you can see how smooth all the intro videos are (or in the case of Medal of Honor, the menu screen bugs) and the fact that audio can work with USB loading. Also I totally got away with sending that 4WD flying in NFS, didn’t that look cool?

WHAT: Devolution is a loader designed to run gamecube games on a wii. Dolphin was the codename for the gamecube, Revolution was the codename for the wii, add them together = Devolution.

WHY: To do what the “official” method doesn’t. I hate GC controllers and the crappy little discs. And if you bought a new model wii you can’t play NGC games at all.

WILL: Devolution aims to let you do the following:
– Use alternative mediums for loading games (SD and USB)
– Use alternative controllers (wiimote + classic controller instead of GC controller)
– Use alternative mediums as memory cards (SD, USB and NAND)
– Support audio streaming games properly. It’s possible but remains to be seen if it’s feasible i.e. if the hardware is going to be fast enough to do what I have in mind.
Alternative loading mediums are already implemented (that’s right, working GC USB loading!). Memory card emulation is half-done (reading, no write support). Wiimote and audio streaming support haven’t been started.

WON’T: It’s not going to be a warez loader. You will need to own (or at least possess) the games you wish to run. I don’t plan to ask for any donations, although at some point if there’s a particular game that someone wants fixed I might have to insist they provide it or at least the means for me to get it; I’m not going to fork out for a copy of MGS from my own pocket, for example.

HOW: It’s complicated (but not impossible!). Basically the wii is a gamecube with extra bits, as long as NGC games can see the hardware they expect to see the extra parts don’t matter. One big advantage of Devolution is that it doesn’t require any changes to the software on your wii; no replacing MIOS, no extra cIOS or channels, just an app to run from either HBC or the exploit of your choice.

WHO: Me alone. This is a solo project and everything is written from scratch; no “borrowed” code or even any use of libogc. This might change in the future when I want a bluetooth stack. Though the point is this has nothing to do with any other project (my past work or anyone else’s) and no, there is no GPL code used so don’t bother trying to demand to see the source.


Games that are working 100%:
– 007: Nightfire
– Eternal Darkness
– Ikaruga
– Luigi’s Mansion
– Mario Kart Double Dash
– Need For Speed: Underground
– Pikmin
– Pokemon Colosseum
– Resident Evil
– The Scorpion King
– Shrek 2
– Starfox Adventures
– Super Mario Sunshine
– Tales of Symphonia

The Zelda: Collector’s Edition titles all run fine with the exception of Ocarina of Time which has audio issues.

The following games are playable but have what appears to be some sort of texture cache issue:
– Medal of Honor: European Assault (viewable in youtube video)
– Metroid Prime
– Metroid Prime 2
– The Sims
– WWE Wrestlemania 8
– Zelda: Wind Waker (very minor, hearts or controller buttons only)

The following games are currently not playable:
– F-Zero GX
– Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

WHEN: Hard to say. Maybe a proper release some time near the start of May. So far I’ve bought four batches of games on ebay and each time around two-thirds of them will load up fine while the others require fixing, so there’s still a fair bit of work to be done compatibility-wise plus the other features to be implemented.


Source- GBAtemp

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