Devolution problem: black screen when inserting original game

January 27, 2014

Black wii 4.3e (4 gc ports + 2 memorycard ports)
Verbatim usb 2.0 desktop hd 2T in port 0 formatted primary, active, FAT32, first (only 1 partition)
wiimote plus + gamecube controler
Wii back up games work fine with usbloader-gx

I’ve tried with cleanrip iso file in games folder + Homebrew devolution loader: works fine untll wii led flashes twice asking for the original disk, after inserting the same disc: black screen. Nothing works after that.
I’ve also tried Homebrew with usbloader-gx (followed guide from whiihacks installing Devolution r200), installed gc-game in hd games folder) : games do turn up in gameslist but again black screen when inserting original disk.

I just want to be able to play legally owned games on the wii, because the original gamecube and games are leaving home. Can anybody help please.

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