Don’t Wii Your Panties!!

August 7, 2012

All right ya horney little video geeks. If you thought the Wii and the Eyetoy(for PS2) were physically interactive, check this s#*t out. Jennifer Chowdhury (a student of NYU‘s Interactive Telecommunications Program) has created “Intimate Control” for her Masters Thesis.

She has integrated game controllers into a womens bra and mens boxers for a sexy new game for couples. It looks like you stand with your chick in front of you, (or your priest behind you..he he he) and you touch the sensors (that have different shapes or symbols) on her bra, while she touches the ones on your boxers as the symbols scroll down the screen in different sequences (check out the youtube link below).

I don’t know how ya win…I guess your both winners in the end, cause you’ll eventually get so horny that you’ll rip the controllers off and jump each others bones. Kind of a crazy fusion between Dance Dance Revolution and sex therapy. I haven’t read anything about plans to mass market this devise, but I’m sure there is a niche market for it.

I know this is just a school project, but look out gaming world!…this could mean a whole new future in “TOUCH” pad technology. Oh and for you geeks out there… you can’t use your blow up doll for this one. Your just going to have to find a real girl that will touch you back.

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