ERROR msg when loading games in Wiiflow

April 1, 2014

ERROR msg when loading games in Wiiflow

  1. When I click a game in wiiflow it doesn’t load, a black screen with white text comes up. The first line of the text reads; Exception (DSI) occurred! after that 8 lines od text each starting with GPR00 and sequential through GPR07. Next there are a few lines of text under the heading; Stack Dump, finally followed by a few lines of text under the heading, Code Dump. after 10 seconds it reloads to a screen that ask me to select a partition, when I click on it it takes me to settings where I can’t make any selections that help. can anyone please give me feedback.



  2. It seems WiiFlow has been problematic for you. Does it do this without a theme? You did download the theme to your SD card, right? Did you follow the entire “Softmod ANY Wii” guide found on wiihacks? Your other thread really doesn’t address what softmod you did and why I ask.

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