"Failed to load system menu"

December 31, 2013

You’ll need to redo your mod. Use your Priiloader to access HBC and reinstall the IOS and ModPacks. Also do the part of the guide that has you install system menu 4.1. That should get you back to the menu again. You’ll probably need to reinstall Priiloader once you done that so be sure you do the menu 4.1 part LAST as you may cause a full brick if you don’t install the IOSs first. The reason a full brick would occur is because Priiloader will be overwritten when you install the menu.

If you wish, you can wait for a second opinion before attempting anything.

Edit: you can find the ANY Wii guide conveniently linked in my signature below and good luck

Edit 2: As for how it disappeared, it’s hard to say for sure. I’ve never heard of it just happening by itself. My best guess would be, if someone else has access to the system, they must’ve uninstalled it either by accident or intentionally (for whatever reason). Fortunately you still have access to HBC and your apps so fixing it shouldn’t prove difficult.

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