Help – Wii (vWii) shutting off randomly (USB Loader GX)

August 19, 2014

Please review our rules that you accepted less than an hour ago. We do not allow the linking of external guides. This reduces the confusion to others about what is a guide that we endorse and what is one that we do not.

The guide that we recommend for modding a Wii U’s vWii is linked in my signature. You may want to follow it in case we’re having you do something that the other guides didn’t, or on the flip side, we don’t have you do something that the other guides had you do, which is something that may be harder to fix, since modding a Wii U’s vWii requires a little more care than modding a Wii, where you can just dump all new IOSs and cIOSs in it to get it working again.

I’ll also move this to the Wii U section of our forums.

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