Help with fresh install (I think I messed up my IOS)

March 23, 2014

So, I was having issues with my newly softmodded Wii (every game booted from my USB hard drive would freeze after a minute or so), so I looked up possible solutions. I tried updating the IOS’s via tutorials for d2x and Herme’s IOS, but I think I made a mistake, and installed to slot that I wasn’t supposed to (the guide said to use that slot to launch it, but I misunderstood it). Now, my previously working NeoGamma, USB Loader GX, etc are non functioning. I try to open them, then I am booted back to my Wii menu.

So that leads to my question, how do I go about reverting those changes? I figured the easiest way would to be going through the steps I originally took to softmod my Wii. Is this correct? I followed the following guide to softmod:…d-any-wii.html . What steps should I take to reset my IOS’s to the way the were before I tried updating them with d2x and Herme’s IOS?

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