I Need Some Help With NAND Emulation & NAND Transfer

January 24, 2014

My old Wii stopped reading discs. I’ve had it for four years. My friend showed me the softmod guide on here so I could play my games I OWN or have OWNED (I do not support downloading digital copies for games I have never had possession of. My little brother broke my Melee and my older brother’s ex-gf won’t give back the Wind Waker she borrowed from me) through USB Loader GX. I also set up DIOS MIOS on my USB for my Gamecube games. I did this to kill some time as I waited for my other RVL-001 Gamecube compatible Wii (the best Wii, which is what my Wii that used to read discs used to be <.<) to arrive that I ordered on eBay that can read discs… I shortly discovered soon after about NAND Emulation.

The newest version of the Mario Kart Wii Custom Track Grand Prix Revolution requires a DISC and an SD Card. USB Support was removed due to people abusing its vulnerabilities in security. I’m a huge fan of CTGP, so I put some savings into getting that Wii. I’ll be delayed on getting a Wii-U, but I don’t care lol.

So… getting back on topic, I want to do the following:

I want to have a completely clean NAND on my Wii that won’t read discs. I want to move my softmod and some data over to an Emulated NAND using SNEEK (the disc drive is already screwed, I want to make sure my NAND stays untouched from this point on). I then want to transfer the clean NAND with all my Wii Shop Channel games, Wii Shop Channel account + points, MAC Address (even if it’s spoofed), Wii Console Number, System Settings, Mii Client IDs, and Miis over to my Wii that can read discs (if all of this is even possible, it would be more convenient since I don’t have to sync my one Wii remote every time I want to play those games. If not, I can just play these downloaded games on the older Wii). I am going to use SaveGame Manager GX to transfer the rest of my data to the other Wii. If the Miis thing is a problem, I can use the extract and install options for Miis with SaveGame Manager GX, find my new Wii’s Mii Client ID, load the Miis in Mii Search Creator/Editor, and edit the Client ID to my new Wii’s manually from there. It would be a pain in the butt, but I will do it if I have to. The main thing I care about really is getting the tickets of my Wii Shop Channel games on the newer Wii’s NAND so I can access them from that Wii and not have to hook up the other Wii when I want to play them. I have 0 points on my Wii Shop Channel account, currently, but it would be cool if that could transfer over anyway.

On my Wii that will read discs, I want to be able to use Homebrew, CleanRip (to get legal ISOs via a working disc drive ), BootMii, Riivolution, Custom Tracks Grand Prix Revolution, and SaveGame Manager GX. On this Wii I do NOT want to install ANY IOS’s (except for BootMii, which I already did, and using CleanRip). The Wii literally just arrived and I want to keep it as clean as possible while still being able to do what I want to do.

I’ve ran BootMii on both Wiis. I have a NAND backup of my old Wii PRIOR to installing ANY IOS’s. The only thing that is installed on this NAND backup is the Homebrew Channel and Riivolution. On the Wii that reads discs, I have a NAND backup PRIOR to installing any HomeBrew Applications whatsoever. The old Wii’s NAND has 2 bad factory blocks. The “new” Wii’s NAND has 0 bad blocks whatsoever on its NAND.

BootMii is installed as an IOS on both Wiis. Both Wiis have the newer version of boot1, so I cannot get BootMii to install as boot2. The System Menu version of both are 4.3U. I used LetterBomb with the HackMii installer to install the Homebrew Channel and BootMii on both. I’ve used SmashStack, too, in the past on my old Wii, to install Riivolution.

I am fully aware of the risks of a NAND restore with BootMii as an IOS. I have Priiloader on my old Wii that won’t read discs. I know Priiloader makes restoring NAND with BootMii as an IOS safer, but I know it’s still risky compared to BootMii installed as boot2 (the best brick protection there is, yes I get it).



Any help would greatly be appreciated, thanks!

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