I would like to boot to netflix.

January 31, 2014

I would like to boot to netflix.

  1. I would like to boot to netflix.

    Yesterday, I followed the softmod guide and brought my wii up to date (originally manufactured in 2007). I updated the shop channel, and installed netflix, and it works fine. I played around with priiloader and was able to boot other programs, and then reset it back to booting to the main wii menu. What I could not do is pick netflix as the program to boot to. I went to the data management tab and moved netflix to the sd card. Netflix still works, but it does not show up in priiloaders list of programs that I can boot directly to at startup. From searching the forums, it looks like I need a forwarder, but the guides that I come across have dead links in them. Anybody have any advice on how to get the wii to boot to netflix? Thanks in advance.

  2. Not my share or link, but easily found THIS.


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  4. Thank you very much. Putting the bootnetflix folder in my apps folder on the usb card, and then selecting it in the priiloader worked.

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