imgburn just gives us "read error 1101"

January 24, 2014

Hi everyone. I just brought a second hand wii for my son which has neogamma v.7 r.14 on it. It came with a lot of burnt wii games on DVD-R discs (memorex). Most work fine. BUT my son (who is 5) accidentally broke 2 games the other day by trying to stuff two in the drive… argh!

So I downloaded some wii ISOs and imgburn. I read and watched a few guides here like this one-…y-imgburn.html and on youtube. I have tried 4 different wii Isos now (from wii isos) and burnt 8 DVD-Rs but none work.. I am using some cheap sony DVD-R 4.7 gb discs.

It says read error 1101 in neogamma when i try to run them. I really dont know what else to try now. Please help if you can. Thanks!

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