Installing WAD Games

February 3, 2014

Please excuse me if I use the incorrect terms.

I softmodded my wii and all is running perfect and without any trouble thanks to the guide here.

I got a folder from a friend with all the old classic Nintendo games all as .wad files. I used Free the Wads to ensure the wads are region free (though I thought the softmod would make the wii region free). I installed some of the wads with Modmii’s wad manager and went all fine. When trying to boot a game from the SD card, I get an error that “this channel can’t be used” when the wad is on the wii console itself I just get a blank screen.

I read somewhere that I need to install IOS60Patched.wad?? But together with that came a few articles where people bricked their wii because of installing this patched ios.

Please can somebody give some advice on how to get these games to work?

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