Is there a way to have both GameCube and Wii games play from the same hard drive?

March 9, 2014

Sorry, I’m just a bit new to this softmodding thing but I am moderately technical in terms of computers. I have everything ready on my wii in terms of the sd card being ready and the wii being ready to play games from a hard drive. I used this guide:…d-any-wii.html

So, I have some of my games in file form and I have no clue as to whether both GameCube and Wii games can be on the same hard drive and still be playable. I’ve read that Wii games need the hard drive to be formatted a certain way and vice versa for the GameCube games. The GameCube game files that I have are either .GCM or .ISO. Do I need to convert these files in order for the Wii to play them?

Sorry if this has already been answered somewhere. I’ve searched all over the web and in these forums but I can’t really find concrete details regarding the Wii and GameCube thing on the same harddrive and details as to what format they should be in, etc…. :P

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