Is there a way to play WAD games from a USB drive without loading them onto the WII?

December 29, 2013

I have had my Wii home brewed for long time now and have recently modded about three additional ones for friends and family. I usually just install the old SNES games using Wad Manager (using WiiMod). I would like to know if it is possible to load these wad files like I do with my Wii games using USBLoader GX or WiiFlow, etc. It doesn’t seem like it would be any different than loading a Wii game from the USB HDD but I haven’t read about anybody doing it. Maybe I missed it or something but man it sure would be better than loading them as channels on the Wii.

Thanks for any input!

Update: I forgot to mention that I used to use a WBFS partition on an external drive for my Wii games. Just recently I started using an NTFS partition with a “wbfs’ folder on it for the Wii games. Could I just create a “wad” folder and put my old SNES and VC games in it? THANKS!

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