Just hacked my Wii – need a little bit of help!

February 20, 2014

So, I followed the guide to “Softmod any Wii!!!” (I actually started following another guide, but couldn’t get Dop-Mii to work and it went downhill from there!) – anyhow, it’s worked… as far as I am aware. So, I now have a couple of questions, so I signed up here just to ask, because the guide was good and I figured I’d get some good help here!

What file type should I be using? WBFS or an ISO? I have an ISO but it’s 4GB and I only have a 3.6GB memory stick until I can get a bigger one – probably tomorrow. So I only tested the WBFS file, which didn’t show up.

Now that the Wii is softmodded, I have a lot of Gamecube games that I’d like to do, too. Will that involve putting a lot of extra stuff on? (Can it even be done?)

Does the SD card always need to be in the Wii? I borrowed it from a digital camera, and so I can’t leave it in there forever. :P If it does need to be in there, does it need to be the SAME SD card, or can I just copy everything from the current SD card and put the new SD card in?

Thank you for answering my (possibly silly) questions!

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