Little confused about softmodding

January 6, 2014

Thanks for the quick response. I am confused whether to update to 4.3 and then use the letterbomb (mail) method or use the bannerbomb with current version only. Other thing is that now latest version for HBC is 1.1.2, should this be used instead as the tutorial has previous version (1.1.0).

1.1.2 is for Wii U’s Virtual Wii, 1.1.0 is for real Wii’s. The guide is as it should be

Also, system menu 4.2 is fine. We recommend 4.1 but theres nothing wrong with 4.2 and the guide has a (optional) section that will let you downgrade to 4.1. There’s absolutely no need to update the system before performing the Softmod.

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