Looking for a bit of help running Gamecube games on softmodded Wii

August 10, 2014

Hey folks, so I’ve read this is possible now (and I don’t think it was the last time I was playing around with my Wii), too run gamecube games on a softmodded Wii. I have quite a collection of original gamecube discs, and got rid of that console ages ago, but feeling a bit nostalgic wanted to pop them into the Wii and give em a go, but I’m getting an unreadable disc message from the wii menu (all GC games getting the same message & Wii discs working fine), I’m pretty sure whatever version of soft modding I used stopped them from working as I’m 100% sure I was able to play gamecube games on it originally.

It’s been ages since I’ve soft modded so I’m hoping someone can tell me if there’s an “easy” way to update some software on my sd card to add gamecube disc functionality or if I have to go through the whole process of soft modding from scratch?

I use a USB HD to store my backups, which has worked great, so usually when I turn on the wii it boots immediately to the usb loader from which I can load those wii games just fine. If there was a way to save my gamecube games to the usb HD and run them from there that would be fine too, but it seems that only works with Wii discs with whatever version of software I’m running. (I guess I could also do this via my pc if that works instead, I’m just more familiar with ripping them directly on the wii)

I’m really not 100% sure of all the versions of software and IOS I’m currently running, but I’ll try to show what I’ve got to the best of my knowledge:

From the usb-loader running on wii:
loader version: 65
IOS 248 (r21006) FRAG
Base: IOS?? DI:57 mload v1.0

cIOS Info:
IOS222 Base: ?? (r65535)
IOS223 Base: ?? (r65535)
IOS224 Base: 57 v5.1 (r65535)
IOS245 : not installed
IOS246 : not installed
IOS247 Base: ?? (r21006)
IOS248 Base: ?? (r21006)
IOS249 Base: ?? (r21006)
IOS250 Base: ?? (r21006)
SD card contains:

“apps” directory containing directories: “ForwarderDOL”, “homebrew_browser”, “savegame manager gx”, “USBLoader”, “usbloader_gx”, “wiimc”

“usb-loader” directory containing CfgLoaderConfigurator.exe and I assume all the usual files

“wad” directory containing USB Loader GX-UNEO_Forwarder_2.0.wad


Hopefully that’s enough information for someone wiser then I to know where my Wii is at right now, and if there’s something quick and easy I can do to add playing gamecube discs back to my Wii’s abilities.

I’m not worried about playing burned gamecube discs at all, and while it would be preferable to rip them to the usb HD that’s not essential to me.

Thanks for your help

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