Modded Wii — too many programs?

January 20, 2014

We had our Wii modded. Then awhile back I updated or something but for some reason only some games work — Original Just Dance works but Original Wii sports doesn’t.
I think I have too much stuff and it is conflicting maybe? We have had the same stuff for awhile but something has changed.

I would like to start from scratch and removed ALL modded stuff and put something current on — BUT the catch is I am not that tech savvy when it comes to this Originally someone modded it for me but I was able to follow some direction on here in 2010 where I added the neogamma — no issue until recently.

I have on my main screen

Wii Backup Launcher
the homebrew channel (where we used Gecko)

then just the Mii, forecast, news, netflix etc.

Can I do this without messing up my whole thing?!

Also I just put the SD card in my computer and it said something about problems with some files — so maybe I am just missing a key file that makes it work??

Please help a girl out!! My kids neeeeeed their Wii

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