Need a lil help from Wii Mod Experts- Just need to be pointed in da right direction.

January 16, 2014

Hey Guys

All done soft modding my wii. I now have an 4GB SD Card running homebrew on my wii with a 500GB External harddrive connected as well.

If you can help me great, if you can send me to a guide that I can read I would appreciate that a well, thank you in advance.

So here is my issue:

I have a few emulators on the homebrew channel, I would like for them to be on the main wii menu instead of having to go into the homebrew channel. How can I do this?

Also I want to know if its possible to save all my roms for various emulators onto my external harddrive instead of the SD card. Is that possible? Are there any guides that can help me with this?

Thank you all in advance.

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