Need Help with Dios Mios Black Screen with property Flash Drive settings

January 21, 2014

Hi All,
Recently i have been trying to get some of my backup games to run with USB Loader GX. I had everything working perfectly. However i had to change hard drives and now everything is completely messed up.

So to start. Yes my flash drive that I am using is on the USB Devices Compatibility list (Kingston 16GB Data Traveler). It is formatted to FAT32 with 32KB Clusters and is the Primary Partition. I have Dios Mios 2.10 installed and USB Loader GX. I am able to load up the homebrew channel fine. However it does not recognize my USB Flash Drive. It does recognize my SDCard which I have been using. I am able to load up USB Loader GX and my wii back up games work fine. However when I try to load a Gamecube game it just shows a black blank screen and the system freezes. I have also tried loading a gamecube disk through the channel screen and the same thing happens. So i have a feeling the I installed Dios Mios improperly sometime and my IOS may be messed up. Is there a way to get a clean hack installed on the wii and possibly start from scratch? I have tried to run a syscheck but for some reason it hangs at the last part and i can’t get it to download the .txt file. Is there a better way to look at the system information?

Thanks in advanced


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