Need some advice!

March 16, 2014

I recently borrowed by girlfriend’s Wii that she got in Hong Kong a while back. When I got it, it already had Homebrew installed and it was running version 4.2U (if I recall correctly).

I also received a external hard drive (320 GB) that had a bunch of preloaded games on it. I planned on erasing a few games and adding a few games, but when I plugged it into my PC it stated that I needed to format it to D: (or something similar) to open it. I didn’t want to risk anything so I thought I’d ask here. Would formatting it delete the current files on the HD? And would I just have to drag and drop files into t he HD to add new games?

Thanks for the read and help!

P.S. Is there anyway to change the language on the Wii?

P.P.S. Certain games (SSB) seem to freeze while other games don’t. Is this a problem with the ISO?

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