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December 27, 2013

Happy Yuletide Everyone!!

As you can see I have not been about for a long time. Reason Being my Soft Modded White Wii, has been entertaining fine until my nephew decide to plug in his new Wii Mote & sent my system into slight hysteria.

Now every time I try to use a down loaded game my Remotes go into a spasm, where one is trying to sync up & the other is No.2 Therefore I cannot start any games under the Neogamma Channel.

First question; How do I fix this problem.

Second; Is this what this sticky meant, by not using TR remote (Not sure what TR means either??);

Neogamma – This is a forwarder to Neogamma R9 Beta 56. It is primarily used to load backups from disc, however it also supports loading from SD/USB. Source HERE, WiiHacks Guide HERE.
Note Regarding Neogamma: This app is NOT compatible with the newer TR Remotes. If your Wii can play backups from disc AND you have a TR motion plus remote, we suggest the following: Prior to launching Neogamma have your TR remote as player 1 and activate a non-TR remote as player 2. In this way you can navigate the Neogamma menu with the player 2 remote. After launching a game you can use your player 1 remote without issue.…d-any-wii.html


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