new external drive not working

February 22, 2014

i would appreciate some help

my external drive enclosure stopped working so ive bought a new samsung m3 1tb 3.0 usb external drive, i had a google before i bought this drive and read that this drive does work with the wii
ive partitioned the drive in 2 and used wbfs manager to format one of the partitions into wbfs, ive transferd some games to the drive.
when i go to wii usb loader v1.5 i either get the error ret = 1, or the wii freezes and when i hit the power button i get exception (DSI) occurred,

wii flow has never worked nor usb loader gx so i cant try them.

also to say the samsung drive does power up and i can hear the drive spinning, and ive probably not done anything to the wii for a couple of years so not sure if theres something that needs updating at all.


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