Newbie: Just purchased a chipped wii need help.

March 4, 2014

Hi, I recently purchased a chipped wii, 4.1e running neogamma R8 v7. There is a homebrew channel available. I am able to play copied games but when I download games using imgburner, dvd-R discs ar 4x speed, iso file format the games either can not be read or will start and then freeze after the intro. If I go into the homebrew channel the following is displayed:

1. Cio installer cios38r14 by waninkoko.
2. Firmware updater 4.1 version v1.0 by waninkoko.
3. Preloader Priiloader version unknown.
4. Truchabug restorer version 1.0 coder wiipower.
5. Wad manager version 1.4 coder waninkoko-wiininja-sorg.

My questions are as follows:

1. What are the reasons for the games not working?
2. Does disc manufacturer make a difference, I am using memorex?
3. What can and do I need to upgrade and how?
4. Can I install a usb loader usin a 1 gb sd card and how do I go about doing this?
5. Will games from different regions play on this console and could this be the problem?

Thanking anyone who can help!

Cheers Slade22

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