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February 22, 2014

The purpose (or rather, limitation) of 2GB or less full SD card is more due to minor or potential compatibility issues with the softmod files. Once fully completed, SDHC are fine to use. CJ would have to speak more on point here, as usually that has to do with BootMii being fussy with the Wii (which is a non-issue on Wii-U because there isn’t a version for that). WiiMod (and other similar wad managers) also at times can have issue with SDHC.

As to removal of the softmod to the vWii, we currently have no guide to do so. Usually it’s more risk to remove something than to install something. It only affects the vWii side and leaves the Wii-U side untouched. Thus far, every single update has left the vWii untouched. The only (incidental, I might add) thing that’s ever been affected is erroneously kicking in the 4:3 display rather than the 16:9 perspective with regard to HBC. And yes, the guide for the vWii addresses that in terms of a fix or work around.

On region locks, I can tell you on the class Wii Priiloader featured region removal and loaders would support out of region game play. Pretty sure the Priiloader had less to do with retail games than say console purchases via Shop Channel and so forth. In other words, I believe so long as the loader supports out of region it should work. Again, I will yield any further opinions or answers to CJ (who actually owns a Wii-U).

Check out the vWii softmod guide here and read the entire thing. Welcome to the site

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