Nintendo Looking to the NEXT Gen Already?

January 22, 2014

Either way, they look bad. If they put out a new, more powerful, console, they abandon the early adopters, the true Nintendo Fans who had faith in them and their product, and many of them may not have the same faith in such a short life-cycle that had a high price of entry. If they lower the price more, of which they are taking a loss already, their investors won’t be too happy about that.

It is rare that a price drop happens within a year of initial launch. Nintendo managed to do it twice in a row, once with 3DS (of which I bought two $250 units), and the Wii U (again, I bought the $350 unit). Only to have the total $850 of products lowered to $640 within a year of each of their launches. That $210 is a big bullet to swallow.

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