Playing one of my “backups” off the USB drive with no issue at all, loaded with wiiform and also I loaded it with config USB… to test out this issue… again no issues playing – problem is with exiting a game.
Ok, so I am done with the game and I want to exit out and return to the wii screen or even back to the USB game list. hit home, and get the two typical choices… chose the one for wii home.. sound of it being accepted…It doen’t happen, instead I get a blank screen, yet my wii has power.
Had to get off the couch, eeek! I know… and mash the power button for a few seconds before it turned red, and then restarted completely over at the wii menu.
What am I doing wrong, exiting out of my games incorrectly, or is this a known issue?

Bonus round: might be my imagination but it also might not be saving my profiles ( game saves) too. I will have to check into that further tonight.
Thanks in advance.