Quadforce v0.1 Final

June 11, 2012

Quadforce allows you to run the Triforce arcade games Mario Kart GP and GP 2
on a Wii from a SD card. It can not run any GameCube games.

No other Triforce games are supported by this version.

There will be no source, this project is not based on DML in any way and
isn’t using any GPL code except elfloader of which the source is supplied.

This will be the final public release, sadly this means you will be missing out
on the progress that was made since February, like USB support, wavebird support
and support for a few more games.


For real NAND users simply install the quadforce_v0.1.wad

For emu NAND users copy the 00000008.app file into /title/00000001/00000100/content

Use DiscEx to install the games to sd:/games


For real NAND install a clean MIOS.wad

For emu NAND install a clean BC.wad


Wavebird is NOT supported!

A: Item button, use items, can also be used as OK button
B: VS Cancel button, can do certain things depending on situation (read on-screen instructions)

Analog-Stick: used for steering
R: Acceleration
L: Breaks

Tapping L to jump on entering a turn and activates a drift, during which you’ll be shielded from all attacks.

Download Quadforce v0.1 Final

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