Question about soft modding a nintendo wii

April 9, 2014

Hi nintendo wii hacks, hope all is well, I am new in the forum. I have relatively little experience with modding, hacking and so fourth.

I brought a wii sometime ago from a friend. I think it was a software mod hacked PAL wii, as I was able to play all types of games on it. The person had installed wii Gamma back up channel, Wii gecko OS 002 fix channel and gamecube back up launcher.

At some point in time I brought Zelda Skyward sword in 2011 when it came out and I wanted to play the game so I updated the software from Nintendo to be able to play Zelda, sometime later I noticed that gamma and gecko channels did not work any more though. From reading on here it seems I am lucky I did not brick the wii, it mentions numerous times never update from Nintendo I never knew this at the time.

This leads to a question as I was wondering, I have some USA wii games the wii I own is PAL. In the past one would use a converter to play USA and NTSC games on a PAL system like Super Nintendo though I don’t think converters exist on the wii. Is it still possible for me to mod the wii so I can play the USA games on the PAL wii even though I updated the wii through nintendo and broke the gamma and gecko channels previously?

What would I need to do, I can see a guide on this forum though like I said I have updated from Nintendo so I don’t know where I stand. I am not sure if it is still possible to even softmod the wii any more.

I have 2gb scan disk and am ready to soft mod if it is possible.

Can anyone help


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