Question re: Swapping SD card out.

February 25, 2014

Back again! :P

I took the SD card from my digital camera to hack my Wii; it’s actually much bigger than what I needed – it’s about 4gb, I left all the photos on there and the Wii hacking stuff takes up so little space that I thought I’d downgrade because I need the 4gb back in the camera! (Even if I do need 4gb or more one day, at least I’ll know what to do, but at the moment, I only need 2gb!)

So, when I get the new SD card, can I just copy all of the Wii-specific stuff over to the new SD card and that will be that?

Or do I need to do anything special? Everything’s installed on the Wii but I know I need to keep the SD card in; will there be any repercussions as a result of changing the SD card over?


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