Semibricked Pal 4,3E Wii, Wii settings error.

January 7, 2014

Got this wii from a friend, previously softmodded and worked well.
His kids updated via skylanders swapforce disk and then got this problem.
Cant access wii settings I get this error , The System Files are corrupted.

Tried to reinstall softmod 4,3E like I´ve done hundreds of times using the softmod all wii guide.
Everything inställs well and softmod works but cant access wii settings.

Tried unsoftodding still same.
Downloaded system menu 4,3E and installed it still same.
Downgraded to 4,1 and 4,2 still same.

When running dopmii and scanning the system I get this message.
You have AHBPROT avaliable for use.
To Continue using AHBPROT press A
To proceed with your selected option instead press B.

If I press A i get back one step in the menu.
If I Press B I get an error.

How do I solve this?
Everything seems to work but I cant access wii settings.

In System Menu hacks Everything is default (disabled)

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