smash brothers brawl only game not working

February 12, 2014

Smash brothers brawl is the only game not working on my softmodded wii.

I run usb loader gx, run brawl, see the startup screen, then it gets to loading, hangs, then it tells me to make a save, then I have an option to continue or go to the menu and no matter which I pick it goes back to homebrew.

I’m on 4.3u, I installed Ios236, Hermes Ios 222/223 and d2x v8 final.
I also accidentally the d2x for vWii but it said installation failed PHEW O_O

I run like 30 games in WBFS just fine on my NTFS formatted 1TB usb drive.
I’ve tried like 7 versions of brawl to make sure its not the iso. I’ve tried WBFS brawl on WBFS drive, WBFS brawl split on FAT32 drive, full iso single file brawl on NTFS drive, no matter what format permutation it doesn’t work.
I’ve tried USB Configurable loader and USB Loader GX. But the loader shouldn’t matter from what I understand.

Things I’ve heard on the internet: maybe its my 4GB SDHC card? Brawl can only read SD card?
Defrag hard drive? yeah tried it and no.
I’ve tried running brawl with ios 249, ios 250, ios 224-mload all same result one black screen or another.
I saw you have to install it with ios 222 because 249 dual layer support doesnt work. Well what does that even mean? I copy it to my usb drive and try running it.


Anyways, anything you guys can suggest is welcome

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