soft mod external hard drive black screen

March 29, 2014

soft mod external hard drive black screen

  1. soft mod external hard drive black screen

    I have a soft modded wii. My games are loaded on an external hard drive. I have approx. 60 games on my hard drive. All of which use to load fine. My kids brought it to my attention that some of the games wont load anymore. We just get a black screen. I know these games use to work fine. I havn’t done anything to my setup in awhile. The last thing I remember was changing to a new usb loader awhile back. Have there been new updates? Anyone have a clue why this would happen? I havn’t changed anything and the games use to work. Why would they stop loading? Thank you.

  2. oops posted this in the wrong section. sorry. not a wii u

  3. Thanks for letting us know that you realized the misposting. I’ll close this one.

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