Softmodded Wii & Gamecube originals

March 3, 2014

Hi all, my apologies if this topic is in the wrong section.

I recently softmodded my spare using the guide on this site wii and sold it to a forum member (another forum).

It was an old model (had it for a few years) and had Gamecube controller ports so i assumed (never actually tried to) it would play Gamecube games.

The new owner has now contacted me saying he can play Backup & Original Wii Games fine however neither Gamecube Originals nor Backups will work.

Basically the Gamecube original is detected in the Disc Channel and can be started. It loads up to the Main Menu of the game but when click Start it then goes to a black screen and the game never appears. The same is true for Gamecube backups when trying to load them through Neogamma.

I had enabled some hacks in Priiloader such as Region Free EVERYTHING, Region Free GC Games & Region Free Wii Games which i’ve now guided him through disabling but the problem remains. Now i have no problem taking the wii back and refunding the guy if it comes to that but thought maybe someone might be able to offer some insight as to what might be happening.

The system is running 4.1E and was virgin when softmodded. I did install Darkcorp 1.1 Full & DiosMios 2.9 as i suggested that he might be better off running games through USB and wanted to try and make it so he could play either Wii or GC games from USB. Could either of these be causing the problem?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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