The Wonderful 101 Demo Coming to Europe Today

by wiiiso on August 10, 2013

Vita Selling Out in Japan

by wiiiso on October 15, 2011

Monster X Dragon launched in Japan

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Japanese charts: Dark Souls debut at number 1

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PS Vita originally set for December 3 launch?

by wiiiso on September 28, 2011

Japan gets solid date for NFS: The Run

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Metallic Rose DSi XL now coming to North America

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Japanese hardware totals for June, July

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Analyst predict good future for Vita in Japan

by wiiiso on August 14, 2011

Japan to get Dark Souls a bit later

by wiiiso on August 8, 2011

Used Nintendo 3DS sales jump up in Japan

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Playstation Vitais coming in 2012 for US/EU

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Japan rates Atelier Memeru anew

by wiiiso on July 31, 2011