USB Loaders doesn’t work anymore. (Also can’t update)

August 7, 2014

Hi there,

After not playing my wii in a while I plugged it back in today.
I was using the CFG loader to run games from a usb memory drive.

It was working perfectly before (WBFS drive), but now it doesn’t work.
I’ve tried updating my hbc and various stuff, but i can’t get it to work.

It stucks at trying to mount the usb drive.
Same goes with USB Loader GX

I’m at 4.1E and i tried to update via the normal update (Wii options) to get to 4.3 and “start over”.
However, this didn’t happen.
The update ran once, and after that I’m still at 4.1E
Now whenever i try to update i get this message:

There are no updates available for this Wii since it already has the most current system software

What can i do?
I have disabled all priiloader System Hacks or whatever they’re called.
I’ve tried messing around with iOS’s but i have generally low knowledge, so I’ve been careful (maybe too careful) not to mess anything up.

I’ve also concidered “unmodding” it to get it to update, but all the guides says it’s dangerous and has a high “brick-probability” so I’m a bit scared.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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