Want is wrong with my vWii on my Wii U (HackMii Freezee)

February 6, 2014

Hi all,

I have finally decided to install the Homebrew Channel on the vWii of my Wii U.

This what I have done.

1 – I have downloaded the “Lego Batman savegame exploit” (see 1º image) because it is the game I own. I have extracted and copied the “private” folder and all is content to the SD card.

2 – I have downloaded the “hackmii_installer” have extracted and copied just the “boot.elf” to the SD card root.

3 – I have played the game at least once. Power off the Wii U to start all over again.

4 – Power on the Wii U, go to vWii channel inserted the SD Card, then go to the vWii options and copy the exploit to vWii memory. So far so good.

5 – Launched the game, loaded the saved game and I’m on the Batcave. Follow all the direction and bang, the exploit is launched and I’m at the hackmii banner display.

But as impossible it seams after all this, I’m facing a problem with this install on my Wii U, it simply freezes at the hackmii banner display and never shows the “Press (1) to continue message” (see 2º image).

I have used different file sources, I have disconnected the Internet, I have used a different Remote, I have used several SD Cards (see 3º image) etc.

I’m out of ideas, it loads just fine the “boot.elf” and then simply freezes. My Wii U version is 4.0.2E

Any suggestions?

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