What needs to be updated, and some related questions.

December 31, 2013

Okay it was a long time ago i softmodded my wiis, and i just got it working with Dios Mios 2.10 which seems to work as expected (Thanks Crediar and if others were in on it!).

But there is else i know i should probably update or something.

d2x cios, i have no real idea what it does, my understanding is it enhanced the orighinal “System” more or less, mostly USB related, i don´t know if i have it installed or what version, so help here is appreciated.

NAND backup, i got no backup of my second Wii even though it´s softmodded, i think it´s gone. I got an SD but i can´t use it on a PC as i got no ports, and BootMii doesn´t work, no idea why probably cause it´s used on my other Wii.
So i am looking for a way to NAND Backup on USB but i am a bit stuck there.

Priiloader, what version should i have, i got 0.7, but i know there is 0.8 betas that seems to have some nice improvements, any suggestions there?

Don´t think there is much more, though now when i think about it there should be some Sysinfo program for Wii, i remember using it before i think, well i wait for an answer on this first.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

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