Wii 4.3e having trouble updating shop channel to v21, ios effects, and region issue

January 26, 2014

Forgive this noob posting however I have done a fair bit of reading, listing my actions first and questions at the bottom. thanks

system – Eur model Wii wit 4.3e System manage however I am using it in Borneo (not the original owner but never modded) connected to internet

I have installed letterbomb and bootMii (which is as boot2) and at this point I created a Nand backup

Looking to install Youtube etc from shopping channel and did not update when asked on console

Have overcome black screen on HBC loading by long format of SD card.

NOTE: all the file links on the Update Wii Shop Channel v21 page are broken or missing (all three methods)

1. I did try to install a shopping channel update via WiiSCU (unsuccessful still asked for update – File I used was to likely too old)
2. I did load MMM v13.4 which has 39 ios but after trying one still no luck

With the above I did do an update to the shopping channel after each ios change but only tried a couple /// Current ios is 58


a. any chance of obtaining the missing files.
b. looking for the implications of installing various ios’ how many can you have?
c. will some Ios cause problems (factory ios vs custom)
d. region issue how to address as my system was likely updated in Asia, how to find out its region etc.

Thanks for your assistance. Basically looking to extend my Wii’s features and taking it slow…

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