Wii 4.3U SD Card, USB not working

February 6, 2014

Hey folks, I’m having an issue with my hacked Wii, have spent a couple days searching the forum and believe that this warrants its own thread. Here’s the sordid story:

I recently modded my Wii via some YouTube guides by hiteckman, which seemed simple enough and worked at first. In retrospect I probably should have started here but didn’t know any better. Basically did the Letterbomb, followed by loading USB Loader GX… my primary goal is to be able to rip my games to a drive, especially since my drive is obnoxiously loud. I’m also intsted in playing NES games but never got that far. I’ve got a white 4.3U Wii, which I did system updates on prior to modding. USB Loader GX worked fine for a while, but another family member got a message while I wasn’t around stating something about an unapproved drive, or game, followed but a long wait before she could play anything. She did not know how to use USB Loader, so was just running a game from CD at the time. Of course said family member can’t exactly remember the message which makes this even more frustrating. I did not have updates blocked, Priiloader installed, or many of the other things the pages here recommend.

The mod included wiiflow, usbloadergx, wad manager 1.7, ios236, neogamma, ciosx rev20b installer, and CmiosWiiGator although all I ever did was install usbloadergx through the HBC. HBC currently displays the following info: 1.1.2, IOS58v24.32

Now, here are the current symptoms:
– HBC channel is just bubbles, no buttons to launch anything
– USB Loader GX loads for a second, then reverts to the Wii home page, regardless of whether a drive is attached or not
– Wii will no longer use SD card – have tried numerous times to perform Letterbomb again, in FAT32 and FAT16 formats, Wii date/time is correct, etc. Was going to try to reformat Wii memory but can’t backup saved games to SD as SD is not recognized. This is the exact same SD card I used to perform initial, successful mod.

So now what? Do I reformat Wii system memory and dump saved games, update Wii (I suspect this is a big no no given what I’ve read so far around here), or attempt an in-game hack? I have Lego Star Wars, but don’t get how that mod will work if my SD is disabled. Has Nintendo observed the drive through some auto-update and permanently crippled my Wii?

thanks in advance, I feel pretty stupid performing the initial mod now that I read all the details on this site. If only I’d come here first


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