Wii is bricked/semi bricked? Won’t give TV signal

February 20, 2014

Last night I think I may have bricked my Wii 4.3u last night; I tried setting the Autoboot to USB Loader gx in Priiloader but once I did that when I turned it on it wouldn’t boot to the TV (There’s no signal). However I can still access everything through Priiloader(HBC, System Memu, etc) so I’m guessing it’s not fully bricked.

However, I don’t have a NAND backup nor Bootmii on my SD card or computer. Theres the problem, if I had that I could probably just restore it and everything would be okay. But is there anything I can do or will I always have to turn my Wii on through Priiloader? :'(

Any and all help would be appreciated.

(Shoutouts to you guys for the Softmod guide though)

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