Wii Mod v3.2 by jskyboo

May 27, 2012

Wii Mod is a wii homebrew app created by jskyboo. With this app you can download, delete IOS, install and uninstall Wads, among many other things. This is based on dop-ios, dop mii, indirectly by MMM, wad manager, Any Region Changer, TBR, NUSD, AnyTitle Deleter and its mods, bluedump and many other wii tools.

So thanks goes out to Marcmax, Waninkoko, Wiipower, SifJar, Nicksasa, PheonixTank, giantpune, Lunatik, Team Twiizers, wiiNinja, Sorg, Red Squirrel, MrClick, mariomaniac33, Leathl, daveboal, Wiiwu, Joostin, Tona, DacoTaco, tueidj, TeenTin, airline38, Lenneth, Maisto, wes11ph, Arikado, and many others.


Pretty comparable to Dop Mii v15, MMM v13.4, Wad Manager v1.7, Anytitle Deleter DB, bluedump and NUSD.

Compatible with cboot2 and sneek / uneek

Can find missing IOSs that are needed for installed WiiWare.

Can copy an IOS to a new location

Can change an installed IOS’s version

Can patch an installed IOS

Shows clean IOSs at a glance.

Interface helps you find and fix problems.

Added Any Region Changer

Added Any Title Manager( extractor and deleter )

Added App launcher

Warns you if you try to Install a system menu without the required IOS

Warns you not to delete the system menu IOS

Warns you not to delete the IOS used by the Homebrew Channel

Hold D-PAD for continuous scrolling

Supports AHBPROT in all areas, if in AHBPROT mode it won’t check IOSs unless you manually do it from the menu as that looses AHBPROT mode.

This app no longer needs a patched IOS, it can do everything in AHBPROT mode however, if you check the IOSs you will reload the IOS and will loose AHBPROT mode. After that you need fake sign to patch an IOS, install channels, install system menu and in wad manager, and you need Nand permissions to delete an IOS or remove stubbed IOSs

Config File is sd:/apps/wiimod/wiimod.txt

Database = sd:/apps/wiimod/database.txt

Output saved to sd:/wad/wiimod/wiimod.csv

Wad Dump dir = sd:/wad/wiimod/

Wii Mod v3.2

Source- GBAtemp

YOU CAN BRICK YOUR WII IF YOU USE THIS INCORRECTLY, it warns you if you try to do something you shouldn’t but it can’t stop you from bricking your wii. This should not be used carelessly.



Fixed AutoLoadIos
Warns of error 003 when patching korean key into IOS 70 or 80 on a non korean wii
Added DisableControllerButtonHold, if set to 1 menus will no longer react to buttons being held down
More Wiimote cleanup
USB fixed( but temperamental DisableSetAHBPROT = 1 AutoLoadIOS = 0 )
Now compiled with devkitPPC 26 and libogc
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