Wii softmod not working

March 3, 2014

Hi all,

Could someone plz help.

Got a black nintendo wii and was softmodded with letter bomb 4.2E, now this is what happened my little sister aged 16 wanted to play wii resort so I let her.

She put the disc in and now tells me that she could’nt play it while it said it needed updating so she went on and did it. (updated to 4.3E)

Now my Wiiflow and USBLOADER GX does not work but Homebrew channell is still there and loads fine just cant play any games off my usb like i could before.

I have tried to install Priiloader but no good, I get to the stage where I get the priiloader Menu but I cant change any settings also tried uninstalling HBC and re-installing it then using the latest letter bomb hack.

Is there any fix for this?, also the wii can play as normal through discs.

Regards Lee

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